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Kingstowne is a planned community located in Fairfax County. The properties in Kingstowne are managed by Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation. Their office is located on the 2nd floor of the Thompson Center - 6090 Kingstowne Village Parkway, Alexandria, VA 22315. For general information, you can contact them on (703) 922-9477.

Rental Property Management Services

Nesbitt Realty provides rental property management services in Kingstowne. Nesbitt Realty deposits rents into an escrow account and from that account we disburse funds to pay bills, income to the landlord and fees to the property management company. Nesbitt Realty keeps a record of all money and receipts. We send monthly statements to the landlord and at the end of the year, we prepare a 1099 tax document and an annual statement for tax preparation. Nesbitt Realty ensures that your rental property complies with state laws, local ordinances, licensing requirements, association rules, Fair Housing laws, insurance requirements, IRS requirements. Nesbitt Realty manages and dispatches handymen as needed. We strive to get work done in a timely fashion at a price and quality acceptable to the landlord. Nesbitt Realty inspects the property at the time of move-in at the time of move-out and from time-to-time during the tenancy. Nesbitt Realty possesses all necessary licenses and accreditation and their award-winning brokerage is fully authorized to manage rental in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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