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Hints And Clues For Shoppers Looking At Townes At Manchester Park In 22310 In Alexandria

Shopping Listings in 22310 in Alexandria?

How about some pointers from Andrew Patton for buyers looking in Alexandria? In fact, knowledge is power and the more information you can gather from solid gurus like Andrew Patton the better. Photo of 6859 Alicia Ct Townes At Manchester Park is a community of brick colonial homes which generally market for close to $594,900 to $694,900.

Alexandria Home Buying Tips

Buyers in 22310 in Fairfax County have a tremendous (almost overwhelming) amount of information at their fingertips. This includes data on comparable sales, school district reports, walkability, and more. Conversely, don't underestimate the kind of advice you'd get from an agent—the agent that works directly with you. In fact,Andrew has up-to-the-minute real-world knowledge of market trends. For this reason, Andrew P. can also identify unseen circumstances that affect a property's price, anything from a cracked foundation or a dead boiler to whether there's been a recent school redistricting or a zoning change in the area.

If you buy a interior row/townhouse, there will be numerous hurdles to clear. For this reason, find the Realtor that can get you to settlement. A dedicated full-time real estate pro like Andrew Patton has been their before. Moreover, a full-time professional knows how to avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles to make your home-buying desire come true.

For real estate in Northern VA, contact me, Will Nesbitt at (703)765-0300.

Line up your cash. Not to mention, a home purchase is one of the biggest financial events in your life. Once you get your finances in order, don't make any changes or large purchases until AFTER your real estate purchase in Alexandria.

In this community, homes are typically 23 years old. This real estate in 22310 is on the market for $644,900. Alexandria Map and More Listings in Alexandria
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