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Hadley Husisian of Oakton Raises Food Donations

17-year-old Hadley Husisian of Oakton is a competitive fencer during the school year. Husisian, a rising junior at The Potomac School in McLean, resolved to raise one ton of donations for Food for Others, a food pantry based in Fairfax. Five months and 9,000 pounds of donations later, Husisian has set a new goal to donate ten tons of food.
Hadley Husisian has raised over 9,000 pounds of donations for Fairfax food pantry Food for Others in Fairfax
According to the Vienna Connection, "The demand at Food for Others, where Husisian is donating, has reflected this trend. According to Food for Others Communications Coordinator Bridget Snydstrup, the number of households that the pantry serves weekly has quadrupled since March. The majority of their 3,000 clients are using their services for the first time as a result of the pandemic." As per Vienna Connection, "Husisian's collection process is contact-free: she leaves flyers on the doorsteps of homes across Fairfax County, encouraging prospective donors to email her at to arrange a contactless pickup. Overall, her response rate from the flyers hovers at around 1-2 percent. She said that while she has at times been disappointed by the low response rate and occasional pushback from some neighbors, she has been encouraged by the generous contributions and support of others."

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