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How Well Do You Know Tiers Of Manchester Lake?

Photo of 6004 Ellesmere Ct #16a This unit at 6004 Ellesmere Ct #16a, Alexandria typifies aspects of units we find in Tiers of Manchester Lake. If you're considering a residence purchase at Tiers of Manchester Lake in Alexandria, you might want to check out these facts we've uncovered. It's always interesting to find contrasts a single home to the others in the neighborhood. The average living area in Tiers of Manchester Lake is 1,039 while 6004 Ellesmere Ct #16a has 780 sqft of living space. Prices of real estate in Tiers of Manchester Lake listed right now start at $244,000 and get as high as $360,000. one third of homes currently on the market in Tiers of Manchester Lake have garages while none of these have basements. Tiers of Manchester Lake places have from 2 to 2 bedrooms. 6004 Ellesmere Ct #16a has 2 bedrooms.

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Julie Nesbitt
Julie Nesbitt
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